I was working on Unsung Heroes when Sony senior management chose to cancel it and cut the team in half. The number of employees remaining after this third cut was a quarter of our Mark of Kri high point of 45. Alas, there was far less modeling required for the new project, so after 10 years with Sony, I was let go.

     Unsung Heroes was one of the most compartmentalized projects I have been on. Unfortunately this meant that I didn't get many opportunities to do more than basic modeling and texturing. Nevertheless, I did manage to add a couple new skills to my repertoire. First, I had a chance to work with some function-based animations on the vehicles. Second, we instituted the program "AlienBrain" throughout the art department for project management and quality control. Although this was a mixed blessing, I supported the basic idea and quickly learned how to use the program.  I soon became one of the top go-to guys for questions relating to installation and use of the tool.

     I had much less input on the 3D design and texture art then in previous projects, but nevertheless stepped up whenever needed. The game was cancelled before there was much scenario or level design.





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