Jetmoto 4 (2124) was an outstanding project. I worked on all aspects of the game outside of the characters. I developed most of the features and puzzles that went into the tracks. I designed, built, and textured 60% of the levels and created many of the subtler texture maps (I felt a lot of the texturing was too loud). I worked directly with the lead programmer to insure that we were squeezing the most out of the original Playstation we could. Although the previous entry in the series - Jetmoto 3 - had not even been published, our team was willing to develop the sequel on the brilliant basic Jetmoto premise alone. Our crew turned out 16 unique, stunning, challenging, and rewarding levels that pushed the Jetmoto universe right to where we believed its fans wanted it to go. We set the game within the solar system, and called upon the legendary Syd Mead for concept art on tracks that were strewn across planets and moons from burning Mercury to freezing Europa.

         At the time of its cancellation, JM4 was in full playtest, and we were getting very good feedback from the testers. Unfortunately Jetmoto 3 did very poorly, and ultimately killed the franchise. With unsold JM3 product languishing in the stores, our 90% finished game was put on permanent hold.






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