Because of the camera angles and the uniqueness of each park, all 28 stadiums had to be seamlessly constructed to scale and accurately textured, all in a fixed amount of time.  For this reason, at its height our team grew to more than eight artists.  I managed this team and QC'd all of the finished parks to insure players or balls couldn't get out.  Quality control was critical at this point in time, since most of our artists were transitioning from 2-D to 3-D, and many of them not so well.  Conversely, I adapted to the new tools quickly, and ended up spending a lot of time helping other artists learn to use them.

       I enjoyed stadiums a lot.  I liked their precision and the goal of making a model look like a real thing with the new tools.  It was for this project that I had the opportunity to go to the (then) home of the Padres baseball team, Jack Murphy stadium in San Diego, to gather photographic reference material from right down on the field.

 "This solid baseball title earns its place among Sony's topnotch sports line."  -



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