On this project, I designed and constructed levels and game components.  I also created textures for those levels which I then applied and lit.  I had a big hand in initial game design, but ultimately this was slapped away by forces beyond my control.

      Sorcery was a low point in my career.  A series of events left our team trying to create on the Playstation, what eventually became Everquest on the PC.  The vision was there, but the computer capability was not.  Over time, the PS's limitations and management's need to guide us into a previously profitable category forced the worst compromise I have had to make on a game design.  Despite our expansive game vision we were pigeonholed into a genre we were completely incapable of cracking,... platform fighters.  This was the only time that, when we were told that the project had been cancelled,  I actually welcomed the news.  Although we struggled hard to adapt our work to the new paradigm, the project could not handle the transition and in the end, the public, Sony, and our team were spared.  No one likes to see their work come to naught, but as a gamer and artist, I felt that the best thing for this project was its cancellation.






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