After working on several successful baseball and hockey titles for the Nintendo system, NHL FACE OFF was my first PlayStation project. It was also one of Sony's first truly 3-D games and, as such, involved many new technologies and challenges.  As lead background artist for the game, I managed four other artists throughout the creation of the rink, menus, ads, and 26 rotating 3-D NHL logos.  This was our first experience with 3-D modeling tools, and I caught on quickly.  I worked closely, and well, with the programmers to develop and integrate the 3-D rink with the controls, cameras and menus.  I created all of the basic environment textures, including the ice, glass, scoreboard, reflections, and animated crowds.

"The 3D arena looks stunning, complete with reflecting ice and rotating advertisements.  This is the hockey experience the PlayStation has been waiting for." - IGN.com




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